Used Equipment

November 29, 2019 – For Sale by Noel Sell:  

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November 2, 2019 – For Sale by Jack (W9OWO):  

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October 27, 2019 – For Sale by Kevin Nussbaum:  Contact him at:

Might want to let the guys know that I’m selling my 48′ tower, Ham IV rotator and control, and CL33 classic beam with 40 kit.
I was waiting until the back yard was dry to put it up, but from what I’ve seen out here,
I’m afraid if I put it up it’ll get bent with the winds across the fields..
Tower was never put up HBX48 (Heavy duty), but new owner will need to buy legs as mine were poured into the concrete.
Mosley beam is CL33m-WARC with TA 40 KR kit.

Not giving up on Ham radio, but I have this stuff I will never use out here on the farm.

Kevin Nussbaum