Skywarn Recognition Day Saturday December 7, 2019

SKYWARN Recognition Day – Ken / KC9NWM will be the coordinator for the 2019 Skywarn Recognition Day. “On air days and times are from December 7th at 00:00Z [Friday, December 6, at 8PM EST] to December 8th 00:00Z [Saturday, December 7th, at 8PM EST]. Equipment
setup time will start at 4 PM Friday.   “Pre-registration is required per the National Weather Service. (The registration site is not yet
set up. As soon as the registration site is set up, a notification will be sent out.  A minimum of one hour coverage is required. Interested operators are to contact me either by email [] or text me at my cell 574-275-3142. I will provide those
interested will more details. 73″ – Ken Ledgerwood, KC9NWM, 2019 SRD at IWX Coordinator