How to get an official copy of your ham radio license

How to get an official copy of your license, you will have to do the following:

1.) You should have received from the FCC a letter containing the FRN number and a password.

2.) Click here to go to the FCC website. The FCC Website will open in a second browser tab at the top of the screen.

3.) The FCC Website will ask for a call number in the middle of the page. Do not put in a call sign. At the top right of the page, find the “ULS” and click on it.

4.) Select “File Online” (in the middle of the ULS page) and click on it.

5.) On the Update Registration page, put in the FRN number and Password.

6.) On the My License page you will see a green banner. On the right hand side click on the word “now”.

7.) You will see your call sign in a Filter by Radio Service panel on the left side of the screen. ADD it to the Authorization to Download panel.

8.) AT the bottom of the screen click on the download button.

9.) See will see a pop up of a pdf file requiring a path to your computer. I would recommend you place it on the Desktop.