Code practice moving to 146.760


For all those working on improving their CW skills, take note that the 91 machine appears to be down. If it is still not on the air at 7:30 pm tonight, please switch over to the 146.760 repeater in Fort Wayne for the weekly CW net. If the 91 is not available for rebroadcast of W1AW code practice at 7:00, try listening  on 80 or 40 meters (frequencies 3.5815 or 7.0475 MHZ). Even a short wire on the floor of the shack can usually pick them up!
For the net, be thinking about what HF/6 frequencies you  could possibly run for on the air code practice. Most of us have capability these days. The upper HF bands are dead at night, so why not put them to  use? With 10 or 6 a simple dipole or squalo will get you coverage around the county and nearby as well.
C U tonite!
73, Steve,  W9SAN